New In | Boss Orange Platform Sandals

by Jess on Saturday, March 10th, 2012 · 23 comments

Hello! Again, it’s been a while since my last entry… I haven’t been feeling too well physically the recent weeks of my absence, hence I was not able to prepare any photos for the product reviews to come. So today I’d just like to show you my new sandals that I got in.

Ehh what? I really got my hands on a pair of sandals with 11 cm heels? If you should know something about me, then it has to be the fact I have never been a high heel person at all. If you happen to run into me, you are most likely to see me walking around in Uggs, riding boots, sneakers (I love my Converse!), ballet flats, flip flops… you name it! Shoes that are some miles away from chic, haha…

To cut a long story short, I felt the urge to venture on some heels all of a sudden!


Boss Orange Casilda Platform Sandals

Boss Orange is the casual line from Hugo Boss. Its collection is dedicated to younger people.

The leather is very soft and the craftmanship is decent. I love the grainy leather as it creates a more casual and edgier look. Perfect for day and night!

The heel is about 11 cm, but the 1,5 cm platform and the cushion make them quite comfortable to wear and walk in.

Honestly, I have been contemplating the coveted YSL Tribute 75 Sandals, but came to the conclusion that I’m unwilling for the splurge yet. Luckily these Boss Orange Casilda Platform Sandals, satisfy my desire very well for now!

Have a great weekend everyone, and thank you for reading!

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Coming soon…!

by Jess on Friday, February 17th, 2012 · 14 comments

Hello! With Valentine’s Day in mind, I hope you all had a lovely week! ♥

I guess I am not able to manage to have a proper review post nor any other more detailed post done this week anymore. Therefore, I wanted to leave you a teaser picture at least.

I haven’t been a very productive blogger these days… All the more, I want to thank you all for your constant support. It truly means a lot to me, and I can not express in words how much I appreciate it! If time just wasn’t such an issue at the moment…

Along these lines, THANK YOU so much, and have a wonderful weekend!

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New In | Chanel Le Vernis 533 April, 535 May, 539 June

by Jess on Thursday, February 9th, 2012 · 21 comments

Hello! There is a cold snap here in the part of the world that I live in. Freezing temperatures of about -10° Celsius are a daily fare the past two weeks, but I’m sanguine that before I know it spring is almost here! So, I’m holding on…

Speaking of spring, I have had the chance to check out all Spring 2012 Collections a few weeks ago, but so far, I only ended up with three Chanel Nail Colours from Chanel’s Spring 2012 Collection. Why ‘only’? It’s an achievement, isn’t it? ;)


Chanel Le Vernis ~ 533 April, 535 May, 539 June


While some have stated that these are not the most original/unique nail colours to be released by Chanel, I knew I had to get them the moment I saw the first promo photos.

Whenever I look at these colours, I have to think of yummy fruit candies!

All three Nail Colours have a cream finish with no shimmer. 533 April and 535 May appear pretty much true to the color you see from the above swatch. 539 June however, looks more pastel and less orange on the nails than seen here.

I’m sorry, if these tape swatches are pretty much useless for you, but I’m still waiting for the nail wheels from ebay to come in…


Chanel Le Vernis ~ 533 April

533 April is a muted fuchsia infused red. Iespecially like this colour as it is much more wearable on a daily basis compared to a real hot red.


Chanel Le Vernis ~ 535 May

535 May is a bright creamy candy pink colour. Very cute, very playful.


Chanel Le Vernis ~ 539 June

539 June is a pastel apricot color that instantly brings spring nearer!


Yep, these were the only items I got out of the Spring 2012 Collections. But oh ohh… the shopaholic / makeupaholic in me tells I need to get the Diorskin Healthy Glow Booster Blush from Dior’s Spring 2012 Garden Party Collection. Say! Shall I indulge…?

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