Silk and Skulls…

by Jess on Friday, February 3rd, 2012 · 17 comments

Hello! It’s all about silk and skulls today! You all know that I’m talking about the iconic Alexander McQueen Skull Scarf, right? ;)

If you are following me on twitter, you might have caught that I have been lusting after this scarf for quite a while! Typical of me, I was lusting after more than one, as these scarves come in just so (or too) many awesome colors. So… yes I was greedy and got two!


Alexander McQueen Silk Chiffon Scarf Ivory/Black

What can I say about it? Classic and chic it is!


Alexander McQueen Silk Chiffon Scarf Rope Ivory

Beige and nude lovers like me gotta love this color combo. It’s so soft and feminine… The pure silk material makes this scarf so airy and comfortable to wear – especially for warmer days in spring and early summer.

Actually, I’m not a big accessories person, but I absolutely love scarves. Not only do they keep you warm, but they are a great accessory to enhance and complete a look.

Sorry that I don’t have more pictures to share with you this time! Thank you for reading!

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Hello! Again, it feels like an age since I have posted an entry here. Ehhm… okay, it has been an age! Please let me apologize (again) for the irregular posting!

Today’s post is dedicated to my love for blushes. Don’t you feel kind of naked without blush? I think I could pass on a lipstick, but would feel highly uncomfortable without some color on my cheeks. That being said, it’s just understandable that I need to have more than three (or four, or five, or…) blushes in my collection! Right? ;)

So, let us move onto the three SUQQU Balancing Cheeks – the latest blushes I added to my collection!

The SUQQU Balancing Cheek blushes come in a pan with two shades. The shade on the left is always a much lighter shade, which serves to add some highlighting effect. The texture of these blushes is incredibly fine and silky.

The colors appear soft and translucent on the skin, and that’s exactly the way I love my cheek colors to look! No matter how heavy handed you are, over-applying hence ending up with clown cheeks is merely impossible. Both shades of every of the three colors have very tiny shimmer particles, which don’t really show up on the skin, but create a very subtle sheen.




 SUQQU Balancing Cheeks ~ 01 Momozoe

01 Momozoe is a sheer neutral pink that looks flattering on almost any skintone, but particularly on fairer skin.

I have a natural pink undertone to my skin, and as a result I find it especially difficult to find the perfect pink blush.  A lot of pinks just seem to clash with my complexion. Luckily, it’s not the case with 01 Momozoe! I love how flattering this pink looks against my skin.

On the left is the pale cream pink highlighter color that enhances the pink blush perfectly.


SUQQU Balancing Cheeks ~ 02 Mukuge

02 Mukuge is a rose color leaning towards the coral side. It is a very easy-to-wear color, as it appears very natural, almost neutral on the skin, hence goes with any eye makeup and look.

The complementing highlighter on the left is a whitish pink that adds a sheer brightening effect.


SUQQU Balancing Cheeks ~ 03 Hinageshi

03 Hinageshi is a warmer peach color that is especially flattering on Asian skintone, since it won’t make the skin look more ‘yellow’ unlike some other peach blushes out there. Looking dull and tired? Put a little 03 Hinageshi onto your cheeks! 

The complementary highlighter is a pale peachy shade with a warmish hue.


I appreciate the SUQQU Balancing Cheeks for its divine quality. The pigmentation is just exactly the way I like my blushes to be. The natural, soft and translucent finish is simply unique. Other than that, I have to mention the enclosed brush, which are quite as soft as SUQQU’s regular sized brushes.


If you happen to be a blush person as well, tell me which is your favorite blush! You know, I’ll never become tired of blushes! So, share with me!

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A little gift to myself…

by Jess on Sunday, January 8th, 2012 · 29 comments

Hello!  I know I’m a little late, but I still want to wish you all a Happy New Year! May 2012 be a great year for everyone!

Is there any woman who doesn’t love Chanel? Emm, yes it was a rhetorical question! Haha… regard that as a transition to the little gift that I got myself.

This is my first hair mist ever, and I question myself why I haven’t thought of getting one earlier. Chanel No 5 Hair Mist perfumes the hair subtly, yet intense enough to be noticed.

Note that hair mists are not drying the hair unlike perfume. Hence, perfume is not meant to be used for hair.

I love the frosted glass bottle and the soft pink colored mist…

The engraved interlocking C logo embellishes the cap beautifully.

I spritz my hair about 2 sprays with this mist every morning before I start the day, and it leaves my hair freshly scented all day long. I love it.


Doesn’t it feel therapeutic to spoil oneself here and there with something, even though it’s just a little something?

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